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The bridal bouquet - traditions around the world

What is so special about the bridal bouquet?

What is common to weddings from Celtic tribes to the modern weddings, from Spain to China? Of course, the flowers and the bridal bouquet! But what do they symbolize?

    Ancient austerity
In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the bridal bouquet is designed to protect the girl from evil spirits. For this purpose, the bouquet is composed of highly aromatic and sometimes spicy herbs and flowers ... In addition, the bridal bouquet symbolizes faithfulness, purity and fertility.

The topic of highly aromatic herbs and spices continues to Scandinavia. A Viking bride would hang strong smelling herbs in her wedding clothes, including thyme, rosemary, and even onions and garlic! It was thought that this would bring luck to the future husband at sea. What a relief that we are not Vikings!

Traditionally, on Slavic lands, girls wore wedding wreaths. It was the ancient symbol of the sun, and therefore happiness and prosperity. The wreaths were made from herbs to prevent failure, malice and misery. Wheat was used to signify wealth and fertility, along with daisies - traditionally the flower of love among the Slavs. And thankfully garlic was left out!

    Victorian era
Queen Victoria revived the tradition of tangerine flowers in the bride's image and decided to include flowers rather than herbs in the bouquet. The flowers decorate not only the bride's hair, but also the wedding dress. The delicate white inflorescences signify innocence and purity as they are fragile and delicate, with a delicate pleasant aroma.

    Great Britain
During the Middle Ages, the girl was obliged to include in the wedding bouquet marigold, treated with rose water. The FLOWER GIRLS tradition also appeared at this time. This tradition is intended to provide a young woman with a joyful life.

From here begins a tradition that is used nowadays - sprinkling the bride and groom with flower petals. In ancient India, this was done by the groom's brother after the wedding ceremony. In ancient times it was thought that this symbolic action would protect the newlyweds from failure.

These are just some of the countries we have chosen for this article. But we will continue to provide more helpful info and present ideas for different custom wedding flowers bouquets.