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Meanings and Symbolism of different wedding flowers

Not sure which flowers to have as part of your wedding decor? Read our guide to give you some ideas

Flowers are present in our lives on different occasions - birthdays, baptisms, weddings, when we witness our love and so on.

Our Wedding day is an occasion that inspires us to emphasize even the smallest details so that our celebration is as we imagine it.

The details we pay attention to include the making of the wedding floral decoration as well as the bridal bouquet. As each flower, in addition to its distinctive aroma and beauty, has its symbolism, so here are of some of the most commonly used flowers for weddings and what they represent.
We have written a separate guide on different roses, please click here if you are interested in learning about roses symbolism.

Amaryllis - Amaryllis symbolizes beauty. To add even more beauty to your wedding day, add amaryllis to the bouquet or wedding decoration.

Mud - It symbolizes greatness and beauty. White muds combine these two symbols with purity and innocence. That is why many brides choose to include them in their bridal bouquet.

Cloves - Beautiful cloves symbolize love, pride and admiration. Pink cloves symbolize the love of a woman, purple symbolize whimsy, yellows mean contempt, rejection or disappointment, while white cloves symbolize innocence and pure love. 

Chrysanthemum - If you decide to make a more unusual bridal bouquet to include the scent of chrysanthemums, you should also know their symbolism. The red chrysanthemum symbolizes love, the white - faithfulness and loyal love, while the yellow - rejected love.

Alstroemeria - Symbolizes wealth, friendship and prosperity.

Narcissus - The importance of narcissus is self-esteem, but also rebirth, a new beginning and eternal life. It also symbolizes unrequited love.

Daisies - Add more innocence and purity to the bridal bouquet as this is symbolized by daisies.

Delphinium - A beautiful flower that is often included in wedding decorations. It symbolizes kindness, lightness, ardent affection.

Freesia - Freesia symbolizes innocence.

Gardenia - It symbolizes purity and sweetness, but also secret love and joy.

Gerber - Belongs to the daisy family and therefore accepts the symbolism associated with it. But it also symbolizes vigor.

Gladiola - Gladiola symbolizes the power of character, faithfulness and honesty.

Hydrangea - Symbolizes pure emotions and a bright future.

Iris - Symbolizes eloquence. The purple iris is a symbol of wisdom. Blue symbolizes faith and hope. Yellow is passion, while white is purity.

Lilium - Symbolizes purity and exquisite beauty. White lily symbolizes modesty and virginity, orange symbolizes passion, yellow symbolizes fun.

Lily of the valley - It symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart.