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A guide to different types of wedding flowers and bouquets

A wedding bouquet and flower decoration are an important part of your wedding celebration, whether it is a small family circle ceremony or a grand ceremony.

In the past, the bride would have a bouquet not so much from an aesthetic, but from a pagan point of view! Collected in a special form, interwoven with each other in herbs and flowers, sprinkled with fragrant potions and handed over to girls, our ancestors believed that such a "composition" would drive away the evil spirits of the bride.

Today the flowers of the bride are just a lovely bouquet, no longer meant to keep her save, but to beautify.

That's why here at custom wedding flowers, you can choose the type of bouquet, flowers and the size that you feel is right for you.

Here is a short guide to help you choose:

The most important flowers in the wedding are those in the bridal bouquet. You can choose everything from a simple to a huge bouquet of different types of flowers and greenery. It is good to have the same kind of flowers as the bride's bouquet in the bridesmaids' bouquets, as well as the groom's and best man’s buttons.

Another thing to keep in mind is the color of the dress as well as that of the bridesmaids. Make sure the base flowers are in the same color as the outfit.
If you have a car, and the groom's table, we recommend using the same flowers as the bouquets. For the venue, you could have two large arrangements on either side, and for the table one in the center or two at the two ends. You may also consider small vases or flower cups and table masses, which will both refresh the interior and add something special to the experience for your loved ones. 

Bouquet Shapes: There are several basic shapes of bouquets: 

Cascade Bouquet - The most traditional and elegant style bridal bouquet. It is composed of descending flowers and leaves that are gripped by a handle tied with a ribbon. As the name implies, the bouquet is a "waterfall" of a combination of flowers and leaves that spill down. Mostly used are potassium, lilies, roses, leaves and more. Keep in mind that if you have a small figure, a large cascade bouquet will overshadow your dress. This type of bouquet is more suited to tall women. In this case, it will emphasize the figure - tall and thin waist. These bouquets are quite expensive as making them takes a lot of time and great skill of the florist.

Classic Bouquet - A rich bouquet of flowers that give the illusion of freshly picked spring flowers. The plants are attached to a handle or simply fastened to each other. Different colors of roses are most commonly used.

Corsage ou buque - A basic concept for any small round flower bush. Characteristic of this style is that all plants are pruned to the same length. Another is a silver cone encrusted with Victorian inlay, in which the bouquet is placed. It is usually made of a single color, a basic concept for any small round flower bush. It is usually made of a single color and contains very few leaves.

Bracelet - An elegant colorful bracelet that is suitable for young couples and which ideally complements the summer wedding dress.

Ball bouquet - in other words a ball of flowers. Bridesmaids wear this kind of bouquet fixed on a graceful ribbon. Most often, delicate small flowers are used to make it.

Stand (microphone) bouquet - this is a kind of hollow tube with a special material that absorbs water, keeping the sponge and flowers fresh throughout the wedding day. Such bouquets are arranged quickly, and it is convenient to hold them in your hands. The flowers in such bouquets are kept on their own stems and on a string. Big and heavy colors are attached to the rope, while the rest are attached to their stems.