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Roses and Symbolism

A look at the different coloured roses and their meanings

Flowers very often say more than we are to able to in words.

For centuries they have been carrying different symbols that have changed many times, but some common messages have remained. The language of flowers was most popular during the Victorian era when so-called "flower" flirting was conducted through messages with different flowers. One of the most popular flowers - the rose, depending on its color may express different feelings.

What the colors of the rose mean: 

The red rose is a preserved symbol of love, it is only offered when we want to say, "I love you" and in no other case. It matters whether a fully bloomed flower or an undissolved flower is presented. The bud of a red rose also means strong feelings, which, however, must be kept secret.

The yellow rose, which was often thought of as a message of hatred, actually speaks of friendship. Slightly open, the yellow rose asks, "Do you still love me" and the meaning of the completely dissolved yellow color is "Please come back" and is often associated with fading love or jealousy.

A peach rose gives the message: Let's be together;  and is meant to convey peace and love; gratitude, and honesty

The white rose symbolizes faithfulness, innocence and unspoiledness, it says: "trust me";  "I am worthy of you"; "I am fit for you". 

Light pink: admiration, sympathy, tenderness, grace, happiness, joy, sweetness
The pink rose is a symbol of complete happiness and pleasure, but it also carries the message of secret love and acknowledges "My heart belongs to you." The half-open pink color says that love is real. And fully blossomed, the color says, "Believe what I say and do."
Dark pink gratitude, appreciation.

The purple rose is a symbol of love at first sight. The one who gives you a bouquet of purple roses wants to tell you that he is fascinated, enchanted by you from the moment he first saw you.

The combination of white and red roses means "closeness forever". This is probably where the symbolism comes from the funeral ceremonies, when the leaves of the flowers of these roses are scattered around the grave the message sent is that this person will remain in our hearts forever.