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Why do some brides throw their wedding bouquet

We explain this ancient custom that is practiced in some cultures

Most women who want to get married and is invited to a wedding party dreams of getting a bridal bouquet.

 Tradition in Europe and North America orders the bride to throw the bouquet and the unmarried ladies compete to catch it. It is believed that whoever catches it will soon meet the love of their life and will get married.

Another reason for throwing the bouquet is that it symbolizes the separation of the woman with the maiden life and the beginning of a new one as a spouse.

How the tradition began

The custom dates back to the Middle Ages. At that time, it was thought that the bride was lucky, and everyone should touch her, and even better, get a piece of her dress. Wedding guests literally attacked the brides and tore their dresses to bring a piece of happiness home.
However, the dresses were expensive, and the brides also wanted to keep them as a memento or hand them over to their daughters. To put an end to this madness and to escape the crowd, the brides started throwing "objects of distraction" like a garter or part of a wedding bouquet. Gradually the bouquet became the most suitable object for throwing and grasping, as it traditionally had herbs and wheat, a symbol of fertility. They were also thought to protect against illness and bad luck.

Modern interpretations
Nowadays, many newlyweds are changing this custom. The bride presents the bouquet to her close friend as a token of appreciation and affection, or to the couple with the longest marriage.

There is also another practice. Florists make a custom bridal bouquet for the bride and then also make several smaller ones for throwing. The bride then keeps the main bouquet for herself. At many weddings, each single lady receives a bridal bouquet, so that no one is left feeling dissapointed.